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  • AWESOME Coordinator! I close on average seven closings per month and Carolyn manages each offers and closings with exper...

    Jamie R.

  • Carolyn is a Gem! She has been processing my short sales over the past year. As a result, the approval time has decrease...

    J. Cunningham

  • Thank you for all the work you do on our closings, you are such a great help and so much fun to work with. Your are our ...

    Gina R.

  • If you ar talking about Carolyn Nelson she is best kept secret.....shhhhhhhhh.....she makes you look good...

    Michelle S.

  • Carolyn has worked as my assistant and closer for over three years and is a very valuable part of my real estate REO tea...

    Michael M.

  • Thank you for being so much help on my BPOs. You are doing a great job!

    Christie S.

  • Carolyn helped me setup my comany by creating office policies, multiple fors, and worked on our website. Then she signed...

    Robert G.

  • Thank you for all the great real estate forms you created. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!


  • Carolyn has been doing a great job with my reo bookkeeping and has managed to help me recoup thousands of dollars that I...


  • Great Assistant and Closing Coordinator. She is a valuable asset to my REO business.


  • Ever since Carolyn started managing and processing my short sales, I have had nothing but success. We are now getting qu...

    Dee Dee

  • Carolyn does a great job with all of my closings and keeping my files in compliance. Once I give her the file, she alway...

    Timothy Richardson

  • Carolyn has been completing my BPOs and MMRs since 2009. She has done it all for me, pull comps and complete the entire ...


REO Reimbursements

Online REPA has 18+ years of bookkeeping experience and is a user of QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Accounting, MS Access, and Excel.
Bank Portals we work with:
  • LPS Invoice Management
  • Wells Fargo (PASREO)

Collecting bids, updating vendor information, tracking invoices, completing reimbursement forms, and submitting reimbursements for payment can be and is often overwhelming. At Online REPA, our goal is to remove the burden of chasing paperwork and payments. We will order repairs and services, manage and monitor the work orders, submit reimbursements, and monitor the accounts receivables sent to the REO banks.

  • All broker, agent, and vendor invoices must be uploaded through our portal.
  • All invoices paid by the broker or agent must include a copy of the full invoice, and check or paid receipt.
  • All invoices received from the vendor must include the vendor name, full address, contact person, and phone number. We will complete all bank required forms per the bank or REO Company instructions.
  • Updated W-9 forms and Certificate of Liability must be on file for all contractors.



  • All vendor invoices must be submitted by 12:00 pm EST.
  • Reimbursements are processed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before 1:00 pm EST.
  • Copies of all submissions are retained on file and upload into Drop Box or your portal for your record.
  • Account receivables will be monitored using QuickBooks, Excel, or Access.
  • Status follow-ups are checked on the bank portal weekly and phone call follow-ups are made on Tuesday and Thursday.
Invoices are processed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. Invoices received after 12:00 pm EST on the processing day will be processed during the next batch processing period. If Online REPA will be processing your accounts payables, all payments will be made via your online banking account or via QuickBooks. Access to all online accounts such as water, gas, and electric companies is required in advance. We will also need access information to the online processing systems we must use to upload and/or input all invoices for reimbursement.
If all invoices are submitted to Online REPA in a timely fashion, we will be able to submit to the required REO company for reimbursement. Brokers, Agents, and Vendors are responsible for providing Online REPA complete and accurate information. Incomplete submissions on your behalf will delay your submission processing time.
If our services are obtained to clean up your current process and past due invoices and/or develop a process by providing services on site, client is responsible for all expenses incurred including lodging, travel, meals, mileage, process development, etc.


What we do

Online REPA is an independent contractor servicer providing Fair Market, Short Sale, and REO property Listing, Marketing, Closing Management, Loan Processing, Reimbursement Bookkeeping, and Short Sale Processing services to Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Asset Managers, and Mortgage Brokers.

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