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  • AWESOME Coordinator! I close on average seven closings per month and Carolyn manages each offers and closings with exper...

    Jamie R.

  • Carolyn is a Gem! She has been processing my short sales over the past year. As a result, the approval time has decrease...

    J. Cunningham

  • Thank you for all the work you do on our closings, you are such a great help and so much fun to work with. Your are our ...

    Gina R.

  • If you ar talking about Carolyn Nelson she is best kept secret.....shhhhhhhhh.....she makes you look good...

    Michelle S.

  • Carolyn has worked as my assistant and closer for over three years and is a very valuable part of my real estate REO tea...

    Michael M.

  • Thank you for being so much help on my BPOs. You are doing a great job!

    Christie S.

  • Carolyn helped me setup my comany by creating office policies, multiple fors, and worked on our website. Then she signed...

    Robert G.

  • Thank you for all the great real estate forms you created. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!


  • Carolyn has been doing a great job with my reo bookkeeping and has managed to help me recoup thousands of dollars that I...


  • Great Assistant and Closing Coordinator. She is a valuable asset to my REO business.


  • Ever since Carolyn started managing and processing my short sales, I have had nothing but success. We are now getting qu...

    Dee Dee

  • Carolyn does a great job with all of my closings and keeping my files in compliance. Once I give her the file, she alway...

    Timothy Richardson

  • Carolyn has been completing my BPOs and MMRs since 2009. She has done it all for me, pull comps and complete the entire ...


Terms and Policy

Our rates are based on the type of services needed, and since each client is unique and each process differs, we will work closely with our clients to ensure that the best selection is made.

Contracts and Agreements - Online Real Estate Assistant requires a signed agreement prior to the start of all services that will outline the scope of services to be performed. Prior to our partnership, we will review (in detail) the entire contract to ensure that a clear understanding of expectations is obtained. Please check your state law regarding the services of an Unlicensed Assistant.

Invoicing - Invoices are emailed directly from QuickBooks with payment instructions. Clients that use PayPal can login, select the payment tab, and submit payments via QuickBooks or PayPal. Expenses incurred for all projects are included on the invoice. Such expenses may include but not limited to Postage, Printing, Project Supplies and Materials, Courier Services, etc.

Retainer Plans - Retainer plans are offered to clients that prefer to monitor the number of hours used on a monthly basis. Our retainer plan hours are in increments of 10 with discounts provided to clients electing to prepay for retainer hours. Invoices are mailed 10 days in advance, and payments are due by the due date indicated. Services such as Transaction Management and Property websites are billed on a per project basis.

Online Accounts - Retainer fees, funds paid, account credits cannot and will not be used to pay any online account, past, current, or future for our clients. It is the client’s responsibility to pay his or her own expenses. Online Real Estate Assistant will make payment arrangement s to pay a bill on the behalf of a broker or agent using the broker or agent’s own credit card or checking information when written approval is provided.

Acceptable Methods of Payments – Online Real Estate Assistant accepts MasterCard/Visa, PayPal, checks via Online Billy Pay, Certified Checks, and Money Orders. All other methods of payment must be pre-approved prior to the start of services.

Notice of Cancellation - Online Real Estate Assistant requires a fourteen (14) day written Notice of Cancellation. During the cancellation process, all projects in progress will be completed unless requested otherwise. Final delivery of all projects will be made once we have received full payment in the amount listed on the final invoice. Once we receive a confirmation of receipt, your files we be deleted and no additional copies are provided.

Late Payments - Late payments are subject to a late fee percentage that is based on the outstanding balance. If your account is sent to collections, client is responsible for all collection charges and attorney fees. If account is paid late more than twice, it will result in a cancellation of services and all fees and outstanding payments must be paid. Repeat offenders must pay for all future services in advance.

NSF -There is a fee charged by our banking institution for NSF Checks to our account. The current fee is $35.00.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy of our client and do not share the data contained in our client database with any third party providers, including our affiliates, partners, guest speakers, etc.

We collect personal information on various forms throughout the website solely for the purpose of specific communication of announcements and services to our clients, registered site users, and those signing up for our newsletters and promotions, when required. General questionnaires may be used to collect data that is used for the purpose of enhancing the site for better performance to our members and viewers. The information collected is not shared with any third party providers, including our affiliates, partners, guest speakers, etc.

Each listed advertiser on the Online Real Estate Assistant website has its own privacy statement. Please consult the privacy state of each advertiser prior to soliciting and/or obtaining services.

Online Real Estate Assistant collect information from brokers, agents, and assistants that voluntarily input information into any form used on the Online Real Estate Assistant website and by providing your contact information, you are giving Online Real Estate Assistant permission to contact you via email, phone, or mail regarding any promotional and information services being offered. If you no longer wish to receive any communication from Online Real Estate Assistant, please request to be removed from our mailing list by contact us.

What we do

Online REPA is an independent contractor servicer providing Fair Market, Short Sale, and REO property Listing, Marketing, Closing Management, Loan Processing, Reimbursement Bookkeeping, and Short Sale Processing services to Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Asset Managers, and Mortgage Brokers.

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